In our pursuit of a fairer world, a world rooted in the principles of Fairtrade, we envision a global landscape where all individuals, regardless of their origin or circumstance, are empowered to participate in an equitable and just economic system. It is a vision that transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among nations, corporations, and individuals alike.

At the heart of this endeavor lies a profound commitment to uplifting the most marginalized and vulnerable communities, whose voices have long been stifled in the face of systemic injustice and exploitation. Through Fairtrade practices, we seek to bridge the gap between the developed and developing regions of the world, breaking down barriers that hinder access to markets, resources, and opportunities for the impoverished.

Our Commitment to Fairtrade

At Wish4Fairtrade, we bring you the best quality, tastiest food & drink from Fairtrade certified grower co-ops around the world. We are committed to selling only Fairtrade certified products, nothing else.

We started our journey by selling chocolate online and donating part of the price to hunger relief projects. Soon, we embraced Fairtrade chocolate, and it became the cornerstone of our business.

We Believe in Fairtrade

We believe that getting Fairtrade products widely distributed is a challenge. To overcome this, we began importing the best Fairtrade products and selling them. Our success proved that the demand for Fairtrade is far greater than the supply. That's why we decided to create our own 100% Fairtrade brand and aim for global impact.

Wish4Fairtrade is not just a shop; it's a movement. We are determined to provide a fair deal in life and the opportunity for entrepreneurs in great communities to get a fair day's work for a fair day's pay.

Taste of the World to Come

We work in the UK and Ireland to bring you what we believe is a Taste of the World to Come. Our visits to Fairtrade producers in Malawi, as a reward for being voted Best Fairtrade Town in Ireland, have confirmed how easy it is to make a sustainable difference.

We strive to ensure that our product range is accessible to many consumer groups and that a significant portion of the shop price they pay stays in the country from which the raw material originates. Unlike some companies, where the majority of the retail price goes to the company itself, leaving the cocoa growers with no influence at all.

Indulge in Fairtrade Treats

Indulge in our range of Fairtrade treats that combine great taste with convenience for today's lifestyles. Ethically sourced and crafted with care, these delightful treats are perfect for on-the-go or enjoying at home. With each bite, you support farmers and communities worldwide, making snacking a guilt-free pleasure. Join us on this delectable journey towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

"Trade is what we are about; we just want it to be fair."